Pearson Education in InfoTech

Since 2004, InfoTech efforts to contribute to the development of computer technology in Kosovo society acts as authorized own representation of Pearson Education and offers literature formal and vocational education in various scientific fields as follows:

Literature for primary and secondary education

Academic literature and

Professional literature

Pearson Education

As a company leader in education services, Pearson is serious elaboration of the question of how the world learns. Pearson përvojënshumëvjeçare applies to education and research on investment in new technologies, and to promote cooperation in gjithëekosistemin and toward education.

As a company leader in education services, Pearson is focused on three key issues of social and economic importance, in which believes it can help make a difference:

raising the level of literacy throughout the world, making a measurable difference to the results for students, educators, and the educational system, and

helping individuals to progress, countries increase job skills and help in decision-making businesses

For Pearson “education” means reaching up to others and making a difference every day. The personification of the role of good corporate qytetarittë is part of Pearson DNA that is characterized by three core values: courage, imagination, and good. Learn more about Web Pearson from the site of Pearson Education.