InfoTech History

• It all started in January 2002 when at that time was opened a computer center at the shopping center near the former municipal building
• In August 2002 the computer center was accredited by Cisco as local academy through IPKO Institute (now AUK TDI) acting as Regional Cisco Academy for Kosovo
• In May 2003 InfoTech in cooperation with Pearson Education and the UNDP office in Pristina translated, published and distributed for free the title “10 Minute Guide to Windows XP Home Edition” to primary and secondary schools in Kosovo, Macedonia and Albania
• In October 2003 InfoTech became a Pearson Education and John Wiley and Sons authorized bookseller for the territory of Kosovo
• In spring of 2004 in cooperation with KFOS, InfoTech staff started the project for training the the staff of the Municipal Assembly with the Intranet program developed by ATI-KOS
• In April 2004 InfoTech became a Certiport Authorized Testing Center for Microsoft Office Specialist credential
• Also in April 2004, InfoTech participated in the Skopje Book Fair
• In May 2004 InfoTech attended the book fair in Pristina
• In September 2004, four InfoTech
’s staff completed successfully the ECDL certification and with that InfoTech became ECDL Authorized Training and Testing Center
• In November 2004 InfoTech becomes PearsonVUE Authorized Testing Center
• In January 2005 in cooperation with the UNDP office in Pristina, InfoTech’s staff designed, installed and configured a local area network in the building of the Cadaster in Gjilan city
• In January 2007, InfoTech becomes Microsoft Registered Member
• In April 2007 InfoTech becomes Prometric Authorized Testing Center
• During the period September to December 2007 InfoTech offers intensive training for programming such as HTML, JavaScript, VB Script and C #
• During the period March to December 2008 InfoTech staff designs and implements successful wireless network of local ISP Bota pa Tela (World Without Wires) in Gjilan city
• In December 2009, in cooperation with AUK TDI, InfoTech implemented the ECDL for Teachers project
• In spring 2011, in cooperation with ICT King, InfoTech implemented the e-Learning for Teachers project
• In November 2011, InfoTech becomes Microsoft OEM System Builder, which permitted InfoTech to offer computer systems which hardware and software was tested and certified by Microsoft. Thus, InfoTech started offering computer configurations in Kosovo market with the slogan “Build in Kosovo” both for home and business users
• In January 2012, InfoTech in order to raise the level of professional knowledge on the professional trainings from ICT begins to offer free literature for participants in training
• In April 2012, InfoTech achieves Microsoft DreamSpark program which made possible for students to download Microsoft software for free
• In June 2012, InfoTech becomes O’Reilly and Microsoft Press Authorized Bookseller for the territory of Kosovo

Welcome to InfoTech

Serving commercial enterprise “Infotech”, aims contribute to building a positive mentality in Kosovo society for information technology. It is determined to achieve by providing knowledge, products, services and equipment, the dodmosdoshme for our society to achieve a certain level of developed societies.


Since its establishment until today, InfoTech has made considerable progress in the development of services, products and training programs aimed at promoting information technology in society.
Today, InfoTech with his professional staff are serving the society of Kosovo to build the technological future together!


To accomplish its mission and vision, obviously InfoTech is ready to cooperate with any institution, organization or local or international companies whose primary activity is information technology. In this way, currently InfoTech working closely with local and international business partners such as Cisco, Microsoft, Pearson Education, John Wiley and Sons, O’Reilly, Microsoft Press, PearsonVUE, Prometric, Certiport, ECDL, LCCI, KOSBIT, AUK TDI, Econ Login Systems, Comtrade, RHS Company, AMC, Set Computers, Anhoch, CT Computers, Promo, Ewe, Semos Education and others.


Serving commercial enterprise Infotech”, aims contribute to building a positive mentality in Kosovo society for information technology.


By providing knowledge, products, services and equipment, the dodmosdoshme for our society to achieve a certain level of technological development of the societies of the developed countries.